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Nepalese in Australia: What are they doing and where are they living?


It was about four decades ago when the first four Nepalese citizens first arrived in Australia. They landed at Queensland Brisbane Airport and till date there is no evidence of their existence. During the 70s/80s the rate of people immigrating to Australia from Nepal was very low. But after 2000 A.D. Australia had become the best destination for higher education and employment sector for Nepalese citizens.

This survey was done in 2011 A.D. to figure the position of Nepalese living in Australia. The survey was done by Australia’s Survey Organisation in August 9, 2011 and is the most reliable survey done by ‘Census of Population and Housing’.

This sort of survey is performed all around the globe and it has great importance. The last census taken in Australia was the 16th census. 43 thousand staffs were appointed for this project to conduct surveys of a whooping 9,400,000 households.

Current 16th census listed every detail about the citizens living in Australia from around the world. Every individual was recorded during the survey of 9th August 2011 A.D. The collected information helps and enables the Central Government, State, and Local government to make further plans and policies for their citizens.

Usually this sort of census is for the voting programs, but it also helps to uplift and promote the government polices and development programs in a systematic manner.

Not only can this information help the government sector but also each citizen can benefit from it. One can come up with a business idea based on the resources retrieved from the survey. Census information is mostly important to high-scale business firms. Presently census is not only for the voting process but its definition is enlarging day by day. Census helps collect basic information about citizens and their houses rather than private information. ABS keeps private information of the citizens confidential.

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Source: 2011 Census of Population and Housing