Australian ‘racist’ cartoon shows starving Indians trying to eat solar panels

racistA cartoon in The Australian newspaper mocking the Paris climate change deal has provoked outrage on social media and in the Indian press.

A newspaper cartoon in Australia showing starving Indians attempting to eat solar panels with mango chutney has been criticised as racist and drawing on “a stereotype from the 1950s”.

The cartoon, by Bill Leak, one of the nation’s best-known cartoonists, appeared in The Australian, a daily broadsheet published by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp which has tended to take a sceptical approach to action on climate change.

Chris Kenny, a columnist at the newspaper, told IBTimes India that the cartoon was “mocking the Paris deal for spending aid on climate instead of reducing poverty”, adding that “solar panels are not the greatest need in developing world”.

But the cartoon prompted a tirade of criticism on social media and in the Indian media.
Source: Telegraph