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Australian accused of throwing bottle off Singapore balcony now in line for a caning as well as prison

ausiAn Australian accused of throwing a bottle from a Singapore balcony killing a man below him is now facing a potential caning as well as a 15-year prison stint.

Andrew Gosling was charged with an offence known in the city-state as “killer-litter crime” after he allegedly slung a wine bottle from the seventh storey of a high rise apartment.
It then allegedly landed on the head of a 73-year-old delivery driver and grandfather, who was at a barbecue below surrounded by friends and family.

Police then went door to door at the apartment block showing residents a picture of the Italian wine bottle and asking if they’d been drinking and were willing to provide fingerprint samples.

Gosling, a 47-year-old contractor to multinational firm Orica, was arrested three weeks ago and charged with “a rash act causing death” which is known by locals as “killer-litter crime”.

Source: 7news