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Dwayne Bravo out to impress in Bollywood bash

Blck danceMelbourne Renegades’ star import Dwayne Bravo showcased his other talent on Tuesday, singing a preview of his new song Champion at Etihad Stadium.

Bravo danced alongside Australian-Indian actress Pallavi Sharda and Bollywood dancers from the Jhoom company, singing the words “DJ Bravo, DJ Bravo, champion, champion, everybody know say Bravo a champion”.

“Music is part of our culture, for us Caribbean people, we create some of the best musicians in the world,” Bravo said.

“Dwayne Bravo the cricketer, now entertainer. I want to entertain my fans around the world off the field with some music.”
Earlier this year, Bravo signed with Los Angeles-based entertainment company, Venus Music Group as he attempts to take his music dream further and show people around the world that he is more than just an international cricketer.

He hasn’t officially released Champion to the public, but is hoping to before the Twenty20 World Cup in March.

“I’ve played it for a few guys in the Renegades team and everyone loves it. I think it’s going to be a very good song,” he said.

Bravo may yet get to show off his dancing moves at half-time in Wednesday’s Big Bash match against the Sixers, when Sharda and the Jhoom Bollywood Dance Company take to the stage.

“The big Bollywood bash is going to be full colour, fun and Bollywood dancing,” Sharda said.

“It’s great that we are involving the subcontinental community in Melbourne in the Big Bash, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Sharda said Wednesday’s festivities included bindis being distributed, the red dot worn in the middle of the forehead, henna painting and maybe even an appearance of an elephant.

Bravo said he was looking forward to the game against the Sixers, a tough opponent who have a very good team. He is hopeful the Renegades can carry on their from their last over win against Brisbane.

“I want the entire stadium to be singing Champion … when I come out to bat, have a bowl or take a catch,” Bravo said.

Etihad Stadium will host Wednesday’s Bollywood bash with the match starting at 7.10pm.

Source: SMH