Nepalis demonstrate against blockade in Australia

blockHundreds of Nepalis have demonstrated against the Indian Blockade in front of the Australian Parliament House on Thursday.
Nepalis had gathered in front of the House in Canberra on early Thursday to bring the Indian blockade to the attention of Australian government and political parties. They protested against the blockade by chanting slogans in front of Parliament House, United Nations office and Indian Embassy. Some of the Australians and lawmakers were curious about the demonstration programme.

The delegation of Non Resident Nepali (NRN) Association along with other organisations had organised the programme. NRN Australia Spokesperson Dr. Gyanendra Regmi said that they have been successful in bringing the blockade to the attention of the Australian government. Nepalis had also protested in front of the Nepal Embassy in Australia.
The demonstrators also tried to submit a memorandum at the Indian embassy in Australia. However, the embassy refused to take their memorandum. After around 2 hours of protest, they had submitted the memorandum to the Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop MP, opposition leader Bill Shorten, Deputy Leader of the Opposition is Tanya Plibersek by informing them about the current crisis facing Nepal. The memorandum was submitted to Bishop through Foreign Ministry advisor Harry Guinness and to Shorten through lawmaker Michelle Rolend.

Source: The Kathmandupost